When Demons Attack


Any time you’re dealing with spiritual healing, psychic energy readings and mediumship, you may occasionally experience some frightening situations, especially when you include God and prayer in your work. What I do is risky, but I feel like I have no choice but to walk this path. 

I perform readings and other types of sessions. I pray often and I burn sage to keep the energy clear. One evening after a client left I used the sage in the office and each room of the house. In a matter of seconds I became incredibly ill. It came on suddenly and as I sat down on my bed I knew I would remain there until this thing had left me. I knew I was in for a fight. 

I felt a sudden sickness in my stomach. My body was rejecting this evil intrusion. As soon as my husband put the trash can in my lap I began throwing up and I did not stop for approximately twenty seven minutes. No one else was sick and we had all eaten the same food. My daughter, her boyfriend, and my husband watched in horror as my body began to tighten. My hands curled and stiffened. My daughter tried unsuccessfully to open them. 

I was being attacked. I wondered if the client I’d helped earlier had left something behind. I talk openly about God and my beliefs. The darkness comes against me in order to do battle. This was not the first time I have had an experience of this nature and I suspect it will not be the last. 

As I lay there in agony I could feel my body being pulled upward. Contractions in my stomach seemed to be relieved somewhat when I gave in to this intrusive demonic energy. There were surges of what felt like high voltages of electricity racing through and locking up my body.

The pulling and the tightness was sucking the life out of me or at least it was trying. Pain went through my stomach in waves. My husband asked what he needed to do. My entire body felt paralyzed by this heavy, electrifying energy, I felt weighed down and I could barely speak. I asked my husband to pray.

He laid crosses on my body and doused me with holy water as he prayed. I looked at my daughter and said “sage.” She ran into the office to get it and once lit, the sage produced a much needed veil of smoke. She passed it over my body as my husband continued the prayers.

I know I was attacked by a demon. As it began to leave my body I felt energy and electricity leave my toes and it moved toward my legs. It simultaneously flowed out of my head toward my shoulders. It seemed to be pulling away from every single part of my body, as if it were recoiling to meet in the middle. The feeling of release continued up my legs and down from my head to my neck and chest. It left my hands and I regained the ability to extend my fingers. Finally I felt a small pool of energy sitting in my stomach. I felt the energy diminish in size and strength as it rose higher toward my navel and then it left my body. 

“Okay, I’m better,” I said. “It’s gone.”

My daughter and her boyfriend were completely freaked out. They informed me that had I risen into the air toward the ceiling they would have been ‘outta there.’ My daughter is unaware of the spiritual battles I have engaged in thus far on behalf of myself, my family, and others. 

I knew this demon had jumped inside of me when I was praying and clearing my house. It came up against me and I won. I will not be intimidated by evil and darkness. I will never stop fighting. I am here to shine light and to help others heal; that is my mission. God has given me a gift and it is my responsibility to use the gift and make it accessible to others.

I will always say what I believe as I expect others to speak openly about their beliefs. However when people like me talk about God, the dark side rears its vile, ugly head as it sees those like me as a threat. 

I am a lightworker and lightworkers must always be brave because the darkness does not want us to shed light any where. They do not want people like me to heal anyone or bring joy to any situation. Demons don’t want lightworkers to win. There are real and true forces of evil in the world. They intimidate souls in order to discourage them from shining their light and helping others. Whether we are willing to talk about it or not, evil exists. I will not be intimidated by these demonic entities. I will never stop fighting for the light, not only for myself but for everyone.
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