The Valley of the Snakes

A recent dream…defined

I was standing on the ground with my back to the east on what was once rich and lush green grass. It was now dried up and cracked in the bare landscape. I saw the sky and surrounding area in sepia tones. There were no trees, no fences, and no sign of life. I felt that I was here alone, as if no one else had survived until I looked down to my left and saw my dog by my side. Rocco was the only thing I saw in color. 

I was facing the back of my house, trying to figure out how to get back home. In between myself and my house was acreage which now seemed like it was going to be challenging to cross. It looked like a valley now as it had been stripped naked of all it’s greenery leaving trees dried and hollow. There was no color any where as I looked ahead. It was getting dark and the scene appeared ominous.

When I stepped forward, a snake suddenly appeared beside my foot. I looked up once more only to find the entire valley crawling with snakes. Even though I was afraid and uncertain about what would happen next, I took the first step. The moment I did this I remembered that I could fly. I quickly expanded my wings and effortlessly lifted myself up into the air. I flew straight toward the back deck of our house. I was elated to be flying again so after I landed the first time, I took off once more and flew from one end of the deck to to the other. As if a higher power was reeling me back in, I knew I didn’t have much time to play. I had to, once again, dismiss who I truly am and succumb to the rules of this world. I knew I had work to do.

The moral of the dream is this: 

Even when you’re scared, take the first step in faith. The universe will deliver you to your destiny. You may come up against some toxic, venomous creatures but if you keep going and keep your faith, you can make it to the other side. This is where miracles occur and dreams come true. When we trust the higher power with our journey and step out in faith despite fear and uncertainty, God reminds us that he has already given us wings to fly.