Guest Post by Karina H. [unedited]

I recently sat down with an incredibly special woman, Karina H. She wanted to write something for you all to share her experience with me. She thinks I changed her life but she changed mine, too. Much love for this woman, my new friend, Karina.  – Dresden

The most amazing thing happened to me the other day my BFF surprise me by taking me out to a drive in the country I was afraid she might leave me there hoping I wouldn’t find my way home. I don’t think I could blame her. For a very long time now,longer than I can even admit to myself. I’ve had an oppression and a depression on me eating me alive taking all of my personality all of my strength all of my happiness slowly but surely destroy eating me alive. To the point that I or nobody around me recognize me anymore. Until the other day when we went on this beautiful Drive and I got a surprise Reading from an amazing woman who I will consider a friend for always. And In reality save my life with her amazing abilities. The reading was amazing very personal. I’m sure anyone that has had the pleasure and honor to met her will agree. and if you haven’t i suggest with all my heart that you do. And if you know someone and they are hurting or confused or just have questions about life or a loved one that has passed on. Give them an early birthday or Christmas present and change their life or even just suggest this might help them and energy them to this amazing woman. During the reading I was amazed and shocked at the Things She Said and a lot of times I was absolutely convinced she had to be talking about another person the Things She said could not possibly be about me I thought maybe it was me at one time but that was a long time ago. Little did I know . it’s still there just under the surface waiting begging to come out. She was right about everything she said everything she saw it absolutely blew my mind . she told me to get ready that amazing things were going to happen for me and very very fast and boy was she right. As I left I thought okay crazy lady whatever LOL we’ll see. Well sure enough I woke up and everything was different I was different. Something inside of me had woken with a vengeance. I wake up without the urge to drink all day. Never even think about drinking. Well she was right people were looking at me differently it was like they could see something inside of me coming out a piece of happiness my inner angel waking up. A couple hours later a gentleman that I have met before. We were talking and suddenly he stopped and looked at me and told me he thought I would be perfect at the job he was doing I was shocked and taken aback and asking questions about what it was. He explained and I had my first interview and will be going on my second. If this is what God has planned for me it will be life changing so I am speaking it as if it is God’s will. For the first time I’m excited to see what today has in store for me and tomorrow and next week and my future. I just wanted to share this experience. I know I did not get into a lot of details but it’s very personal and probably would not make a lot of since to you but for me it’s definitely been life-changing. God bless you and your family and keep you safe.😇😇😇😇

Karina H.


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