Soul Contracts

I seem to be too busy working these days to spend a lot of time on social media. Recently, I had a few minutes so I opened one of my go to apps on my phone to see what has been happening. What caught my attention was a woman I know (a friend of a friend) who was explaining her divorce saying, “Sometimes you try and things don’t work out. Some marriages fail.”

I believe in soul contracts. Most soul contracts provide opportunity for us to learn through other people and situations we set up for ourselves prior to this incarnation. Some of these situations and the people who have agreed to help us are not meant to remain in our lives forever. Marriages and friendships don’t really end in failure. In my opinion there is no such thing as failure. There is only ‘lesson learned, soul contract fulfilled, and moving on to the next learning situation.’ 

Soul contracts can include agreements we’ve made with anyone: our children, spouses, friends, even animals. We tend to act out these situations with the same soul group over and over. Our contracts can include caring for someone who may have cared for us or protected us in a past life, for example. (Some may view these as karmic agreements). When a soul contract has been fulfilled, we often perceive it as an end, a negative, and a failure. The reality is we are more concerned with the perceptions of others in regard to how we are living our lives, so much so that we feel the need to apologize or explain to everyone why we are making the choices and decisions we have made. I once felt the need to explain my new career path so I get it. We are all human and we want to appear to others as though we are confident and that we have it together. 

When we are transitioning from one part of our soul contract to the next we need to view it as a more positive life occurrence as we are embarking on the next adventure. Look at it as graduating from one experience and starting the next. Every encounter offers something unique and each person we meet is for a reason. We are all here to fulfill our list of agreements. Unfortunately, many of life’s lessons are painful so we, of course, are quick to label some of these experiences as failures.

It is in these endings and new beginnings that we are asked to surrender and go with the flow; to trust God’s plan for our lives. We are all being guided, if we will only allow the guidance with little resistance. My disclaimer is that our guidance never includes the harming of another soul. (I will say here that some soul contracts include the experience of pain and imprisonment but our daily guidance does not include instructions to harm another). Your guides and angels want what is best for your growth in your current lifetime. It is their responsibility to help keep you on track in order for you to accomplish what you came here for. Sometimes we refuse this guidance and we end up creating even more painful situations for ourselves. 

My message today is for you to lighten up on yourself. Not every relationship feels good or goes well but know this: every single relationship you are involved in is meant to teach you something about yourself. You made a prior commitment before the time of your birth to fulfill certain things in your soul contract in this lifetime. You made choices about this life (like choosing who your parents are) along with many other choices. As difficult as this might be for you to believe right this moment, you chose the painful situations because your higher self knows what’s best for you and what you needed to learn in this lifetime. Once we are born we have a difficult time remembering all of this, thus, one of the reasons for your spirit guides. One day you will remember these choices you made and everything which was included in your contract. 

For now, love yourself and your journey. Let go of what others think about your life because their opinions are irrelevant. Human beings are created equally and no one is superior to you. You are honoring your soul contract and learning what you need to learn just like the rest of us. Keep an open mind and know that not all of the agreements in your contract were meant to last. Explaining or apologizing for your path or judging the path of another is a waste of time. Don’t get down on the world and yourself so much. No one is watching you or judging you so closely that they require an explanation or apology for anything in your life – unless you’re apologizing for deliberately hurting someone. If the people in your life require such explanations or “admissions of failure” from you then you need new friends. There really is no need for us to turn endings and new beginnings and all of the lessons in between into failure. 

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    1. Yes! And we might curl up into the fetal position and be afraid to live. Maybe we are unable to remember what we agreed to because we are supposed to live fearlessly, always trusting that everything will be okay, no matter what! Thank you for your comments! 😀


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