Boundaries…Effing Boundaries

The majority of clients I see are women, however I see a lot of men. The room in which I do readings is a safe place. I become fully engaged and focused on another level in the reading room. My clients and I enjoy discussing any and every topic on the planet and beyond. One day I read for a male over-thinker who frequently put his head in his hands when he spoke. Looking at him made my head hurt. He had recently lost his brother and then he lost a large sum of cash. He was also quick to reveal the fact that he was in a sexless marriage.

He had an idea (more like a fantasy) to find a female partner with whom he could have sex with who was also married. Each person could have sex and then return to their respective spouses whom they loved. This conversation was not shocking to me, in fact I felt it to be mild in comparison to the things that have come up in the hundreds of sessions I have participated in. I did detect the slight overtone of an invitation which made me feel I needed to be guarded. Once the session was over I felt relief as I would not have to have this conversation again. He hadn’t outright asked me to have sex and there would absolutely no reason for him to bring it up to me in the future.

While I was reading for and listening to this man in his second session, my guides dropped in. As I sat across from him, I was simultaneously having a conversation with my guides. Well, it was more like a quick debate.

My guide: Ask him to be your manager

Me: Him?

Guide: Yes

Me: I don’t even know him

Guide: Ask him

Me: He’s going to think I am crazy

Guide: Ask him to be your manager

Me: (blurting out loud to him) Will you be my manager?

He did look at me like I was crazy, but in a good way. He seemed taken aback, but excited over the new door that had just opened up for him. But things took a sudden turn when I agreed to have an out-of-office lunch meeting with him. As he was driving us to the restaurant he brought up the same topic of married couples having sex. I immediately became uncomfortable. Instead of setting my boundaries with him I decided to be cool and just roll with it. I didn’t want to appear to be shocked or surprised as we had previously talked about this. But it had been in a professional setting and the truth of the matter is that I was incredibly uncomfortable discussing this outside of the office. When he persisted I came right out and said I hope you find what you need because it won’t be with me. I knew he he would never be my manager, not because he wasn’t qualified but because he wasn’t being professional and it seemed to me that the only thing on this man’s mind was sex.

For the very first time, I became angry with my guides. I had told people that I had asked this man to be my manager based on the advice of my guides and they all had the same look of confusion. It embarrassed me somewhat because I didn’t understand where my guides were going with this. I felt the friends I’d confided in about him were probably thinking I wasn’t a very clear psychic and that upset me. But I had always trusted my guides, ever since I can remember. I trusted them implicitly and so, with faith, I forged ahead.

After weeks of all of this playing through my mind over and over again I realized that setting boundaries is as much about what you don’t say as it is about what you do say. Instead of setting my boundaries first, I played it cool. My mother used to talk about being cool and since I had heard her talk about prudes I thought playing it cool was the opposite of being cold or prudish. Over and over I replayed my entire life in my mind to see where my boundaries were lost and the effect it had had on my life. I was molested at an early age and that was only the beginning of what seems like an entire life of being abused. I was violated over and over again, well into adulthood. (I go into great detail about this in my upcoming book). Then it suddenly dawned on me…this is why my guides instructed me to ask this man to be my manager…the man whom my guides insisted I ask to help me with my career had just taught me the biggest lesson of my life: how to set boundaries. I was shocked, surprised and emotional over the whole thing. I was angry I hadn’t been able to acquire this skill at an earlier age. I was a little angry with my guides for leading me down this path, but through my obedience to this intuition, I overcame a lifelong struggle. It is absolutely amazing what we can learn through our spirit guides. We receive what we are meant to be taught in the most unexpected of ways. I surrendered fully to their guidance and chose the path of least resistance in order to finally learn this effing lesson. Boundaries…effing boundaries.

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