I sat across from a very young woman recently whom I felt was…special. In a typical reading I ask very few questions but when I feel a certain way about a person’s energy, I dig for answers in order to help them open up to their full potential. I also help people identify their true calling, which brings me to the 11:11.

When I was a professional makeup artist my gift was over-the-top active. I was very clear and around many people so information was flying my way. Of course, I never told anyone I worked with that I could see, sense, smell, and hear things that others could not. I focused on being professional and representing the people I worked for with the greatest of respect.

I remember when I began to see the elevens. I began noticing the numbers subtly at first and then they were everywhere. I saw 11:11 on billboards, license plates, digital clocks, etc. I saw the numbers so frequently that It became frightening. It was no coincidence that I was seeing the numbers every where I turned, but what did the numbers mean?

As I sat across from this young woman I asked her the same question. What does seeing the elevens mean to you? Her reply was “11:11, make a wish.” I smiled as I began to explain to her the meaning behind the elevens.

11:11 is a wake up call or a prompt given directly to you from your angels and your guides. A Course in Miracles states that “Everyone is called but only few will answer.” When you begin to see the elevens, there may be something you must do. There are many messages within the 11:11 or 1:11 but, for me, the most important message I received was to answer my calling. You can align with this and step into your calling or you can ignore the call and continue living your life as you are. We all have free will.

Years ago, as I began to explore the elevens, I realized I didn’t feel like I could say no to their tugging. Their calls for me were relentless. Answering my calling, and thus becoming who I truly am, was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. I knew that many close to me would not understand my leaving the world of makeup artistry to become a psychic medium. Why is it that being our honest, most authentic true selves is so difficult for some of us?

Some of the questions I asked the young lady before me included these:

“Have you ever longed to go home but you don’t know where home is?” (This question has prompted many tears)

She answered “yes.”

“Do you wake up feeling exhausted?”


“Do you remember your dreams?”

“Some of them.”

“Do you ever dream you’re talking with people (couples/families/individuals) you do not know and felt as though whatever you were talking about was extremely important?”


“Do you ever have dreams of flying”?


I asked several more questions to which she also replied “yes.

Most of the questions I ask are my own but according to Doreen Virtue, If you answer ‘yes’ to four or more of her questions (pertaining to a category in a group of questions that help identify which “realm” you are from), you can determine whether or not you might be an Earth Angel. Doreen Virtue, PhD, claims to be an Elemental Incarnate Angel, I believe. She has created a quiz (google Doreen Virtue Angel Quiz) in order to help people determine who they are and perhaps help them answer questions about what they are supposed to be doing here.

I have seen angels since I was a child. I know for a fact that they surround us all, whether we believe in them or not. We are never really alone. If you see the 11:11, it could mean that you need to keep your thoughts positive as you are co-creating your life or it could be a prompt to make a courageous life change. Your angels are always sending you signs and communicating with you.

What I felt about the woman I was sitting across from was that she was being called for something very special. Perhaps she had natural healing abilities or untapped intuition. A great number of light workers are now emerging. This is such a time of darkness and it makes perfect sense that more and more of God’s angles would show up to spread more love and healing in this world. We are receiving more and more help from angles, some of whom walk among us. Could you be one?

If you repeatedly see a set of numbers, google angel number ____. Click on one of the top 2 blogs or websites that comes up to best determine what your angels want you to know.

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